New Ironman4x4 12000LBS Monster Winch with Synthetic Rope

  •   The winches have undergone a total redesign, from new paint, new motor casings, end plates and logos, to internal seals, larger windings and the breather.
  • New brace rods have been developed to add a larger footprint onto the feet casings to increase the hold strength.
  • New internal spring brake system has been develop and installed.
  • The gearbox has improved seals and previous mentions clutch handle.



  • 562mm (L)x 215mm (H)x 165mm (W)


  • 245mm x 114.3mm

       Power: 12VDC

       Motor: 6.4HP/ 4.5KW, Series Wound

       Hand Control: Wireless Remote-Range 30.5m (100ft) / Lead Remote-3.6m (12ft) Lead

       Gear Train: 3 Stage Planetary

       Gear Reduction Ratio: 265:1

       Brake: Automatic Cam Lock (In Drum)

       Synthetic Rope: 28m of 9mm Diameter

       Battery: 650CCA-minimum for winching

       Weight: N.W.29KG (64lbs)



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