Ironman 4X4 Skid Plates



Ironman 4x4 protection plates perfectly integrate to your vehicles design with carefully positioned venting and water dispersion holes together with oil drain access holes. This protects the key components without compromising airflow and serviceability.

Offroad driving exposes your vehicle to damage from various obstacles such as rocks, logs, bumps and scrapes, particularily prevalent in vehicles with low ride height or independant suspension.

Underbody protection plates are commonly relied upon offroad as a layer of armour underneath your 4x4. However, good design is crutial to ensure the plates are not too heavy and rigid which can actually contribute to severe damage to the structure of your vehicle in the event of a heavy impact.

By using the latest CAD & FEA analysis software, Ironman 4x4 have engineered a solution which protects vulnerable underbody components by safely absorbing impact energy from heavy contact with a solid object.

Ironman 4x4 plates are made from either 2.5mm pressed or 3mm folded steel construction.
Pressed ribs and folded reinforcements provide significant strength without adding unnecessary
weight to your vehicle.

Current Model for the Ironman4x4 Undercarriage Protection:

Toyota Fortuner

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