Bushranger Recovery Hitch with Shackle Combo


New Feature - Twin Mounting Holes allowing for either a horizontal or vertical primary offset angle.

We have a New Recovery Hitch. Fantastic for use with your heavy duty tow bar, the Recovery Hitch is the only safe way to attach a recovery device to your towing system (provided your towing system is is rated to perform this task).

Our engineering team have developed, tested and manufactured this product to the same high standards that we ensure all our products adhere to, this includes a zinc finish to protect it from the elements and increase the longevity of the products life-span.

The Recovery Hitch attaches to your vehicle's Heavy Duty Towbar. (Ensure towbar is rated for this application before use.


    Capacity: W.L.L. 5,000kg - Recovery Hitch

                    W.L.L 4.75t - Bow Shackle

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