Bushranger Folding Bush Saw

Bushranger Compact Folding Shovel
Bushranger Compact Bush Saw Blade Length: 18cm Bushranger Bush Saw ABS Moulded Handle with TPR Rubber Grip
Compact Bush Saw 65Mn Steel Blade with Heat-Treated Teeth Bushranger Compact Bush Saw Handle Design provides extra hand protection
Bushranger Compact Saw Cutting Teeth sharpened on Three Sides Bushranger Saw Light weight and compact, folds down to 23cm when packed away
Bushranger Folding Saw Japanese 'Pull Cut' for faster action and less risk of jamming Folding Saw Blade locks into place when opened and closed
Bushranger Compact Folding Saw Steel Blade housing for sturdy and reliable performance Bushranger Folding Bush Saw Lock pin is made of steel for durability
   The New Bushranger Folding Saw demonstrates the latest and greatest in design and performance. Using the saw's Heat-Treated "Pull Cut" teeth design, you will get a new level of quick and easy performance while protecting your hand from impact.

Weight: 280g

Unit: Each

Dimensions: 23cm L x 9.5cm W x cm D (Closed)

                     60cm L x 15cm W x 5cm (Open)


Safety and Maintenance

The Saw Blade is extremely sharp.
Always cut away from your body and other people.
Close the saw when not in use.
Protective clothing including gloves should be warn while using the saw.
Where possible, wear eye protection.
Ensure the saw is clean of debris and dry before storage.

   Please take care in preserving the environment. Please fill in any holes when travelling and ensure the surroundings are returned to the original conditions and safe for the future.

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