The New Paper Challange 2011

by Ah Ben on March 21, 2012

The New Paper SUVival Challenge 2011

The event, dubbed affectionately as The New Paper SUVival Challenge, is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) thematic self-drive adventure to Malaysia. It is open to all SUV owners and promises to be a fun-filled weekend getaway (2D 1N) driving through a good stretch of highway, country road and selected rugged terrain. To add icing to the cake, challenge winners can expect fabulous prizes awaiting them. Apart from the thrill of adventures and challenges, the event is a great opportunity for participants to network and make new friends who share a similar interest.

An outdoor driving adventure, which is made up of Road, Adventure and Off-road Challenges. Solve puzzles, get down and dirty with your SUVs and use technology to navigate your way around.

Participants in SUVs work in teams to outsmart each other by solving puzzles and overcome man-made & natural challenges. To reach their final destination –where an evening of feasting, fellowship, prizes and revelry awaits.





 Simulated River Crossing!!

Articulation Obstacle

Event DJ Rod Monteiro!!