Preparing for our March (Off)-Road Trip

by Ah Ben on March 23, 2010

The team (in our Defender 90, nickname OVER) will be joining a group of SUVs enthusiasts on a road trip to Malaysia.
Before we set-off, we managed to do up some modifications in preparations for the trip.

LIFT-UPS (Suspension Kits & Components)

OVER was lifted by 50mm with the IRONMAN 4×4 Coil Suspension Lift Kits. The lift will come in handy to clear any obstacles during the off-road and it elevates the vehicle for a better view up there. On top of that we need the lift to fit in the 35” Geolander M/T tires.

We chose the IRONMAN Foam Cell Shock Absorbers with 41mm piston which is the best shock absorber for demanding and extended offroad conditions. It is also versatile at providing a comfortable ride onroad.
We also added on the IRONMAN Steering Damper to help reduce unwanted steering vibration and harshness on rough roads, without interfering with normal steering control.


The Yokohama 35”Geolanders M/T tires provide superior off-road performance, on rock, in mud, in clay, and in sand. Any SUV will need a superior set of tires to plough through any obstacles to reach the ultimate destination.


We used the IRONMAN Motorized Dual Battery (275Amp) which provides additional power supply for our fridge and winch which has high power consumption. The advantage of this battery performs an automated parallel function which allows two separate batteries to be charges as one. This system also eliminates the possibility of draining our start battery.

With the additional battery, we managed to install the fridge and we are so excited about having ice cold beer in the jungle…

COMING UP… Lights, Roof-rack, Recovery (Winch)