ScanGauge II


 The Advanced, Ultra-Compact & Multi Function Vehicle Monitor.

ScanGaugeII can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 4 sets of trip data and an easy-to-use ScanTool that shows both set and pending trouble codes — All in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes..

Start Saving Money

Learn how to Drive more efficiently and improve your fuel millage by up to 33%

Trip Computer

Automatically tracks four sets of trip data- Each with 11 individually stored parameters.

4 Sets of Data Stored

-Current trip/ Today's trip/ Previous Day trip/ Current Tank trip

  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Used
  • Maximum Coolant Temperature
  • Distance
  • Maximum RPM
  • Drive Time
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Current Tank of Fuel Information-Distance to Empty, Time to Empty, Fuel to Empty

Digital Gauges -Dispray 4 Gauges at One Time

The Units of meassure can be changed and the rate of update can be increased or decreased. The information is presented in real-time!

  • Fuel Economy- MPG or Liters/100Km
  • Fuel Rate- GPH or LPH
  • Ignition Timing- Before and After TDC
  • Manifold Pressure- (not available o some vehicles)
  • Tachometer (RPM)- Accurate to within 1 RPM
  • Engine Load
  • Throttle Positon
  • Digital Speedmeter- MPH or KPH Adjustablr for tier size or gearing changes
  • Battery Voltage- Reads to 0.1 Volts
  • Coolant Temp.
  • Intake Air Temp.
  • Open/Closed Loop

Scan Tool - Less Trips To The Repair Shop

Retrieve trouble codes and reset warning lights. Turn off that Check-Engine Light!

  • Reads and Clears Trouble Codes
  • Shows condition when Trouble was Detected
  • Turns off "Check Engine" Lamp
  • Shows when emissions tests have been completed and vehicle is ready to pass OBDII emissions testing

Backlights For Night Driving

  • 7 Standard backlight colors and a custom setting with 63 possible colors.
  • Adjustable Off, Low and High intensity

Automatic Power Control

  • Automatic delayed power- down after engine shutoff
  • Automatic power-up when engine is started

Additional Features

-User Friendly Menu Driven Operation

Simple 5 button operation allows you to quickly and easily access the powerful features of the ScanGauge II.

-No Batteries Required

A single connection to the diagnosticconnector under the dashboard is all that is needed. Built in nonvolatile Flash  memory retains setup information and stored trip data.

-English and Metric Units

The Gauges and Trip Computer information can be shown in either English or Metric units of meassure, including kilometers, Liters, Celsius, and KPA.

-Programmable Commands

Any diagnostic command can be composed and sent to your vehicle's computer, and ScanGauge II will capture and display the response. This allows for dutut=re or specialdiagnotic commands.

-6 Foot cord and Velcro Attachment

The Control/Display unit can be mounted up to 6 feet from the underdash diagnostic connector. The included Veltro atttachment system alloes it to be mounted on, in or under the dash. It can be quickly detached and used to troubleshoot other vehicles.

-Automatic Protocol Determination

The ScanGauge [II automatically determines the type of protocol your vehicle uses and connects to it.



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