Rhino X Tray Small



The X Tray Small is well suited for your excess load. This 2 piece, steel tray, features a black powder coated finish for maximum corrosion protection. Complete with a universal attachment system to fit Rhino Aero and Euro bars, along with most other crossbar brands, the X Tray is the perfect accessory to help you get away for a weekend or holiday. Be sure to tie down your load once it is safety on the crossbars using our ono-stretch load rated fastening straps.


-Steel 2 piece constructions

-Heavy Black powder-coated finish

-Fits all Aero bars (max bar size 90mm wide x 33mm height)

-Fits Rhino Euro bars Front wind deflector

-Carrying capacity 165 Ibs

-3 Year Warranty



-Length 47.2 inches

-Width 35.4 inches

-Height 5.9 inches

*Important: Please take note of the change in overall vehicle height, as the addition of the X Tray Small may prevent access to low entrances.

Minimum crossbar spacing 21 inches and maximum crossbar spacing 30 inches.

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