PZ Racing Gear indicator

The only in the world with 6 color backlight. You select your background color.
Description: Digital gear indicator which is completely run by microprocessors, showing the correct gear almost immediately. Installs on any kind of SUV Manual or Automatic, GearTronic has an LCD display with 6 different backlight: RED, GREEN, ORANGE, VIOLET, LIGHT BLUE, BLUE. The revolutionary LCD display shows the gear in use even under direct sunlight, unlike other led display gear indicators available on the market. Thanks to a specific system interface, besides being installed on fast motorcycles, it can be installed on any kind of vehicle like Quads, Motard, Cross, Custom, Rally cars, etc...
Technical characteristics:
• Universal digital gear indicator
• 20 mm display LCD
• 6 different backlight
• Dimensions: 43x30x17mm
• Water resistant
From SGD 350 With installation and calibration
Call 92378224 to enquire.
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