Pivot Racing Monitor


A Pro-Driver's Secret Weapon!!!!!!

A display comes from easy install and selected for driving. PIVOT RACING MONITOR (RM-07) displays 5 categories information for racing. You can concentrate on driving, because PIVOT RACING MONITOR (RM-07) does not display useless information. The model which many drivers used habitually added a method of wiring to easy install. From full-scale race like a circuit and a rally to an eco-driving, you can use this device at many fields.

Simply a monitor that just connects to the diagnostic monitoring connector to gives you:
- Sequential Shift Lamp
- Digital Tacho
- Water Temp
- Speed
- Gear Position

Features Specifications
Shift Lamp Setting 2000 ~ 9900 rpm, 100rpm unit
Sequential Point First lamp go on at 1000 rpm before setting, Second lamp go on at 500 rpm before setting
Engine Revolution Display 0 ~ 9900 rpm, 100 rpm unit
Water Temp Display -40 ~ 150 °C, 1 °C unit
Speed Display 0 ~ 255 km/h, 1 km/h unit ( For NISSAN car is 2 km/h unit )
Gear Position Display Digital display for all gears
Brightness Adjustment Functions Shift Lamp comes with brightness adjustment function
Lamp Colour Red or Blue

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