Customise Disc Rotor


Directional slotting is the backbone of the Slotted Disc Rotors. The slots are cut left- and right-side specific for maximum pad bite. Hot gasses and debris are quickly expelled while pad glaze and premature wear is greatly reduced. This all results in decreased brake fade under hard braking and longer life for all brake components.

 Features :

* Slotted Brake Rotors are custom crafted for your specific make, model and year vehicle

* Perfect for stopping passenger, performance, 4WD/SUV, towing and light-commercial vehicle

* Directional slotting improves pad bite and reduces brake fade in all braking situations

* Directional slots are cut right- and left-side specific

* Friction gases and debris are rapidly expelled while pad glaze and wear is minimized

* Designed as a direct replacement for factory rotors—no mechanical changes or adaptors necessary

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