Bushranger Dirt Blocka Front Floor Mats


  Solid rubber construction that retains integrity and shape.
Mat has 5cm high perimeter ridge to contain Dirt, Mud, Sand, Snow and Water.
Underside of mat features ribs to prevent mat slippage.
Generous size to suit even the largest 4WD.
Available in black to compliment the interior of most vehicles.

The Dirt Blocka Mats are the third edition of a mat design that has been in our range for years. Like the earlier revisions such as the 4x4 Bushmat and the Deep Dish Mats before them, the Dirt Blocka mats are designed with deep edges to capture all the mess that your shoes and pants bring into the vehicle, from Sand and Dirt to Mud and Snow, even water can be contained within the mats.

When purchasing Dirt Blocka Mats, you will be keeping your carpet looking new for many years to come. The mats are easy to clean, can be trimmed to mould to your foot well in your vehicle and robust enough to take the punishment of daily use.

Material: Rubber

Dimensions: Width -49cm

                     Length -73cm

                     Depth -5cm

Color: Black

Weight: 2kg


Product Tips
• Use regular car washing detergent to clean your Dirt Blocka Mats, when you wash your car.
• Trim the edges of the mats to follow the shape of your foot wells, this will ensure a safe and snug fit.

Please take care in preserving the environment. Please discard any packaging and your old floor mats responsibly.

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